QUESTION: What is the Child’s Play Online Ukulele School?

ANSWER: In the elementary school that her daughter attended, 2012-2015 Mai Cocopelli started a ukulele project in the course of parental work. After it became clear that the ukulele is a dream instrument for primary school children, the desire grew to make it available to other children, teachers and parents. Almost all the songs from this school were tested with the children from the pilot project and found to be excellent. Mai Cocopelli's concept became the basis of the Online School. Then we developed a guide and shot videos. The aim was to present children as role models in school to motivate other children to learn the ukulele. We invested a lot of heart and time in this online training.


QUESTION: When does "Ukulele kinderleicht" open its doors?

ANSWER: We are already online! After the first 100 students were allowed to test the school, you can now also save your place.
You can find the ukulele school on Come and visit us!