QUESTION: How can we book Mai Cocopelli?

ANSWER: Due to her extensive work as a producer of children's music albums and songbooks, Mai Cocopelli does not play countless concerts. For you as an organizer of a children's concert, the best way is to contact Sabine at Mai Cocopelli's office via the FORM. Describe your plans according to the following criteria:

  • Who is the organizer? What is the purpose of the concert?
  • What is the date and location of the concert?
  • What is the capacity of the hall?
  • How many children and adults are expected?
  • Which lineup is desired? large band, duo or trio?

We will gladly respond with a suitable offer.


QUESTION: Does Mai Cocopelli also play at birthday parties and weddings?

ANSWER: We are sorry, but over the years we have removed this option from our catalog of services. There is so much work to be done, so many CDs and songbooks to be produced. We ask you to understand that we cannot accept such requests. 


QUESTION: Does Mai Cocopelli also play in schools and kindergartens?

ANSWER: Not primarily, but still sporadically again and again. This would require a certain group size to be reached or a special reason to celebrate; otherwise financing might be difficult. Please submit inquiries via the CONTACT FORM.