QUESTION: Why does my payment by credit card not work?

ANSWER: For this payment method, it is important to enter the 3-position security code from the back of your credit card. In most cases, omitting this number cancels the payment transaction. The illustration shows the fields that you need to fill in and where to get the information from your credit card. Please try again and fill in everything; then we’re sure it will work! THANKS.


QUESTION: Can I also pay via invoice?

ANSWER: Yes, recently payment via invoice is also possible.  (Furthermore in our new shop you can pay via instant bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard and PayPal.) According to the wishes of many customers, we have decided to implement this payment method for you. We trust in your good payment behaviour, so that this option can be permanently possible for all customers.


QUESTION: Do you accept prepayment?

ANSWER: We're sorry, that's (actually) not possible either. The downloads, for example, are triggered by our system after payment has been made. This is ensured by the connection to Wire Card. Unfortunately, we cannot link our shop to the bank account in order to confirm payments. We recommend using instant bank transfer instead of prepayment. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Because we want to help you in any case, we will find a solution together: In exceptional cases we grant payment in advance as described in  the payment menu. Please contact us.


QUESTION: How does instant bank transfer work?

ANSWER: Our shop takes you directly to electronic banking. All you have to do is select the right bank and enter your data. This method is a secure way to complete the payment without having to create a PayPal account or pay by credit card.


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