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Although we realize that German language songs and CDs as well as my activities in schools in Austria might not be at the top of your priority list as an English reader, but you do have the opportunity to learn more about me and my work.
If you only knew how many teachers have asked me to write songs for kindergarten. All the more am I happy to present the kindergarten CD “Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1”. The CD includes the popular cleanup song, simple songs about weather, songs for moving and dancing, and songs for resting.

Children’s Songs blog article, November 2017

You read it right: “Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1”! Number 1 means that this project will be continued. We are planning a series of CDs and songbooks especially for practice in kindergartens and schools. My hope is to motivate all teachers to include more singing and music. For me it is the greatest thing to accompany children through their day with my songs. They spend a large part of their day in kindergarten or school. I myself completed training as kindergarten teacher.

It was children who made me a children’s singer/songwriter, for during my training I had to witness what happens when children have poor songs imposed on them: They do what they want, don’t pay attention, and are simply not interested. Thus some enthusiasm was necessary, and I found this in myself. My greatest learning experience was this: Only if I myself find a song really good and like to sing it, will I sing it with children. This is what I promised myself and I have stuck to this. In “Musikzimmer Nr. 1” (and on all my CDs), you will find songs that I really like to sing. Some songs resulted through the wishes of teachers. The cleanup song is an example; it motivates children to help others during cleanup.

Joy in Singing with Children in Kindergarten

Mai Cocopelli musiziert mit Kindern
Kinder machen auf Alltagsgegenständen Musik

The cleanup lesson also helps children through the rest of their lives. A child that recognizes when others need help and is ready to help, has developed social competence. How nice that this can be triggered with a children’s song. So much in life is easier if we can break out the appropriate song. That is why I also wrote a song about forming circles. It is very pleasant when the teacher need not announce what to do next, but instead the children gain experience in a playful form. 

On my CD “Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1” I also sing about the weather. A gentle fog dance invites children to move with cloths. The song about the weather frog invites children to explore the five-note range. Find out more in the CD’s included songbook, which contains all the notes in simple notation. With each song you will find valuable tips, so that all the children’s songs can be immediately put into practice. I wish you much pleasure in singing with your children.

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