ISC-Finale "Today's your day!"

What a joy it was to be invited to the Finals of the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in Nashville! The invitation was not physical, but "only" digital, in the form of the title song of my first English CD, “Today's your day!”

March 2018

For the third time, I entered the International Songwriting Competition in Nashville. This competition can be a springboard for artists around the world. Heavyweights of the music industry and stars sit on the jury. In 2017 artists such as Tom Waits, Ziggy Marley and Birdy crowned the winners. From 16,000 submissions in 21 categories, preliminary selection filtered the group to 40 semifinalists. In 2016 my song “Rainbow” made the semifinals. In the winning titles I observed that Americans seem to prefer party music. Therefore, in 2017 I submitted my birthday song, and lo and behold: welcome to the finals! This is where you came in, dear fans. So many fans supported me with their votes. Over a period of four weeks everyone was allowed to vote for the "People’s Voice Award".

Votes went in every day, and I know that many of you really did vote for me daily. That is the only way that I can explain how I was right there with the frontrunners in all the interim results. The prize was a day in a studio in Nashville, the Cradle of Country Music. Although in the closing seconds we narrowly missed the People’s Voice Award, all finalists can call themselves winners. That is how I feel. My success in this competition shows me that my music is internationally competitive; in fact, my entry was the only winning title from Europe in the category Children’s Music.

I thank you all from the heart: for your voting, for celebrating with me, for your joy, for your support and for accompanying me along this road! I have the best fans in the world. Thumbs up to you and to all who helped me get this English CD on the market! 

The wonderful booklet was illustrated by Nora Leitl. She is an award-winning illustrator and also drew our sweet guest book creatures. Naturally I would never have been able to translate all the songs myself; I had help from a dear friend who gave me all the translations as a gift and does not want to be in the limelight. Yes, that’s what friends are for.

The English Center in Salzburg with the wonderful Gabrielle Kalke Hinterbuchner and her lovely family were always there for me with advice and support, and Gabrielle’s children also sang in our choir in the studio. 

This CD fulfills a longstanding dream for me. I hope that this CD will win the hearts of children around the planet. 

Do you want to hear English Cocopelli music? Here is the CD!

Yours, Mai

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