Information for event organizers

QUESTION: How can I book Mai Cocopelli?
ANSWER: Due to her work as a producer of children's music albums and songbooks Mai Cocopelli does not play countless concerts. As an organizer of children's concerts, it is best to use the contact form to get in touch with Sabine from the Cocopelli office and describe your project according to the following criteria:

  • Who is the organizer? Why should the concert take place?
  • Which date and location are planned?
  • What is the capacity of the hall?
  • How many children and adults are expected?
  • What kind of line-up is desired? Big band, duo or trio?

We will be happy to answer with a corresponding offer.


QUESTION: What are the necessary conditions?
ANSWER: Please be sure that you can meet the following conditions:

1. Stage size: Concerts take place on a stage: Duo/Trio: min. 6x4 m| band: min. 8x5 m
2. Stage height: If children will be sitting on the floor in front of the stage, then the stage must be not higher than 1 meter.
3. Staircase: The stage must have a staircase that is mounted at one side of the front.
4. Sound system: On request we can handle up to 400 guests with our own sound system. If required, we can supplement our offer with the cost of the system. Otherwise, we also make use of existing venue systems (if these are equipped with a good sound system). Otherwise the organizer is responsible for technology and technicians.
5. Strom: The organizer shall provide a sufficient number of electric power connections in the vicinity of the stage, as necessary with multiple-outlet power strips.
6. Licht: The organizer shall provide good lighting on stage.
7. Catering: Before the concert, the organizer shall provide the band with warm food, snacks and drinks. Please ensure vegetarian alternatives (which does not mean fish).
8. Posters: For the purposes of your posters, please use the photos, logos and designs under PresSPhotos.