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Tour 2020

Mai Cocopelli celebrates the "monster in me"

"Sometimes there's a monster in me. Maybe it's not my fault, can't you see?" Mai Cocopelli sings what children feel. Without trash, but with lots of feeling. She puts music right into the hearts of children and parents. Whoever attends a Mai Cocopelli concert gets children's music with high quality, beat and style.

Numerous prizes, countless sold-out concerts, an audience that raves with joy every time the Mary Poppins of Kindermusik unleashes her magic: Anyone who has ever experienced with their own eyes how a hall filled with wild kids explode to her "pirate song" knows - Mai Cocopelli is a gift, both to children and parents alike.

On her "Monster in me" tour, Austria's most popular children's songwriter has something special in mind: she wants to strengthen children with her melodies and lyrics and show them, how they can express their feelings with songs.

Family concerts that spread harmony, joy and enthusiasm are the trademark of the Upper Austrian songwriter. In her new hit "Monster in me", Cocopelli sings along with her young fans about the days when things don't go as they should - and hits the nerve of her audience. Community, compassion and respect are values that Mai Cocopelli happily sends off the stage and into the audience like no other. Of course, other popular Cocopelli songs on the "Monster in me" tour also encourage children to sing and dance along: "I love you", "Sport" and the yoga song "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" will not be missing.

The musician and teacher is a master of children's music with heart and soul, and this is officially confirmed: Mai Cocopelli's CD "Im Musikzimmer Nr. 2" with the " Monster Song" has been put on the recommendation list "Good Music for Children" by the Association of German Music Schools in 2019. The joy of singing and boundless love of life, which is transferred in no time at Cocopelli's children's concerts, releases young and old with hearts wide open and a smile on their faces. Because one thing always counts: Cocopelli songs simply make you happy!

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Bug in your ear

An orchestral concert for small and big ears

Mai Cocopelli lives her conviction: "Children need songs - just as they need nourishment, movement and love! Songs that go to the heart nourish us as well as a gentle touch or a meal prepared with love". With these basic ideas in mind, we invite you to a concert in which classical instruments play contemporary, pop arrangements. The hits of Cocopelli's children's songs form the bridge between these two worlds: tried and tested over many years, beloved and sung thousands of times. The warm atmosphere that Mai Cocopelli creates during her concerts acts like a magnet for the audience and guarantees an enthusiastic listener. In this concert novelty all ears will be astonished, because the audience experiences itself as part of the great orchestra. Here classical meets pop music, as the wild pirates enter the concert hall and a treasure waits under the rainbow for all those who merge with the full sound.

Driven by the love of Mozart's works, the Upper Austrian Mozart Ensemble was formed in autumn 2015 around concert master Julia Kürner (Bruckner Orchestra Linz). The musicians of the Mozart Ensemble are professionally active in the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, as teachers at Upper Austrian music schools and as freelance artists.

Mai Cocopelli: vocals, guitar
The Upper Austrian Mozart Ensemble: Orchestra
Oliver Kerschbaumer: piano
Lukas Klement: drums
Ciara: electric bass

Biography Mai Cocopelli

Mai Cocopelli: She fascinates with music in all colors of the rainbow

"Open hearts, let the colors in" sings Austria's most popular children's songwriter Mai Cocopelli and magically creates wonderful music in the ears of young and old alike.  For more than 20 years the energetic musician from the Attersee has been spinning her catchy hits through the German-speaking children's music scene. She communicates with her audience at the same level and yet at the highest level - this accomplishment is something children, parents and judges all praise her for. The Upper Austrian can look back on 12 albums, countless sold-out concerts and many international awards for quality children's music. Since 2007 the composer and multi-instrumentalist has won various competitions, including the WDR and Unicef Children's Song Competition in Cologne, and in 2009 and 2017 the ISC (International Songwriting Competition) Nashville/USA. In 2014 she received the "German Rock and Pop Award" for the best children's song album for her Space Album.

The music teacher and mother knows how to spark joy by singing and making music. She has been writing songs for children since she was 15 years old. "With my music I want to spread joy, love and harmony among families and empower children," says the qualified kindergarten teacher, who studied Elementary Music Pedagogy and Guitar at Bruckner University.

Whether the beat for birthday parties ("Today is your day"), the inspiration for winter afternoons ("Come, let's make some cookies") or the dream of a peaceful world ("Rainbow") - Mai Cocopelli combines great emotions with the world of little people.  Hardly anyone can escape the enthusiasm she arouses on stage and in the audience. When Mai Cocopelli sings, a musical firework ignites - and gets straight from the ears to the hearts.

When winter comes

A Christmasconcert that makes you as happy as vanilla cookies and children's laughter!
Which child is not looking forward to baking cookies, skating and building snowmen? Mai Cocopelli and her family band return with some warm winter feelings in their luggage and take children and parents on a magical-musical sleigh ride. You' ll love to get a little closer, listen to the poetic songs and hear the stories about the joyful Christmas days. Even a spruce tree shines in festive glory and every year snowballs fly through the concert hall, spreading joy and bright children's eyes in no time. For 20 years the children's songwriter has been playing concerts full of love and happiness. In her Christmas concert she turns the stage into a winter wonderland. After all, Christmas is just around the corner and what could be better than to join the choir? You have the chance, grab it.

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