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"Im Musikzimmer Nr.1" (german version) is ideal for singing together in kindergarten and elementary level 1. The tidying up song gives a feeling for togetherness, songs about the weather offer various possibilities of musical realization and dance songs provide a colorful mixture on this CD for children from 3 to 7 years old.

This album is perfect for kindergarten and primary school teachers who want to sing new songs.

Playback versions are included.

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01. Mit Riesenschritten | 02. Hampelmann | 03. Wetterfrosch | 04. Eieiei | 05. Friedrich Zitterfeld | 06. Nebelkind | 07. Apfelmäuschen | 08. Aufräumzeit | 09. Kommt der Bär | 10. Wir treffen uns im Kreis | 11. Hampel und Strampel | 12. Übers Meer | 13. Auf Wiedersehn | 14. - 26. Playback-Versionen

Silke Blum

I like the mix of the songs and the ease is wonderful. Your children songs are great and crazy at the same time. Not as stiff as some others. We love to listen to them.


The music is catchy, the kids really love it. The lyrics appeal to the children and they are therefore easy to inspire. Your children's songs are simply unique and matched to the children's interests.

Nicole Berger

The CD "Im Musikzimmer" accompanies us daily... It begins in the morning, when we sing your song "Mit Riesenschritten..." (With giant steps...), in order to make our way to the kindergarten with our big one. Every song and every text is simply unique and invites us to sing and dance along.

Daniela Ferringer

The lyrics are easy to remember. Also the melodies of the songs are very beautiful and sounding. My little daughter and I love the music, we love to sing and dance to it. We also like to buy the CD as a present!

Gerlinde Großalber

The CD "Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1" mainly has lyrics that are perfect for singing along with small children. My son bounces with every song and loves to go round and round in circles. The songs are just great!

Johanna Mairhofer

 The CD 'Im Musikzimmer Nr.1' contains really appropriate music for a child in kindergarten - the lyrics are well composed, the melody very loving and varied!

Helene Mairböck

The songbook is full of entertaining songs. Some of them I immediately sang with my crawling children. The songs are great to perform with the whole body. Through the CD the songs are easy to remember.

Denise Lenz

You are simply fascinating, funny, positive, exciting and colorful. The sun just rises! It is great fun to listen to you and to dance to your songs. We are amazed by the whole band and their cheerful charisma. We love your music!

Bärbel Heine-Bloedt

I like lyrics and melodies. They are easy to learn, although they sometimes require some tongue acrobatics and a certain sense of tact, e.g. with the song: "Wetterfrosch". I also like the playbacks. I like to play them when the students paint pictures to stories.

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