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Released 2018

"Im Musikzimmer Nr.2"  (German Version) animates the musical everyday life in elementary school with songs for children from 6 to 9 years old. This album focuses on singing together. In singing the children experience themselves as a valuable part of a community. In addition to movement songs (Monster in Me, Pirate Song, Springginkerl), this CD also contains songs for singing in the morning, in breaks and for queuing in two rows. It is perfect for everyday life in school and kindergarten (beginners). It is for everyone who enjoys new children's songs for lessons. Attention catchy tune!

Playback versions are included.

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01. Wunderbar | 02. Monster in mir | 03. Ja, das klappt | 04. Dorf ABC | 05. Drachentanz | 06. Guten Morgen | 07. Kinder, Kinder! | 08. 1, 2, 3 | 09. Frühling | 10. Es ist Zeit | 11. Springginkerl | 12. Freunde für immer | 13. Heut ist Halloween | 14. Piratenlied | 15. - 28. Playback-Versionen

Fridolin Brandstötter

I have to congratulate you on this very successful production! WOW....From the first to the last note full professionality, joy, enthusiasm ....funky sound, great brass arrangements, surprise guests that do not sound like a children's choir ;-) ...simply great! Unfortunately....or luckily....danger of addiction ;-) 
Bernadette and Fridolin

Tina Kranewitter

On the cd are great songs to sing. Me and my children love them. The CD runs up and down in our car and in the children's room. It is sung with so much love and simply brings good mood. Meanwhile we have already infected many children and also mamas with it. :)

Elisabeth Wilhelm - Teacher

I find both - the first and the second - "Musikzimmer" songbooks including the CD, really very useful. I tried a lot in kindergarten as well as in elementary school and everything was very well received by the children! You have the right nose!!!

Jessica - Teacher

As a primary school teacher, I am particularly pleased that I can now use the previous music in my classroom. I like the conscious choice of words in the lyrics, the rhythmically harmonic sounds and you notice that there is always a lot of love in the songs. Please let your enthusiasm and the fire for children continue to shine!

Lea Sch.

Hello Mai! The best I find is "Springginkerl", the "Pirate Song" and "Monster in Me". I already saw the Monster song live in summer, now I finally have it on CD. And of course I also have the Halloween song now and can sing along very well :) Maybe I'll come to one of your concerts again soon! Best regards

Rebecca Thomsen

The music and lyrics are as usual very beautiful and easy for children to understand. After listening two times my children could already sing along. Your music accompanies us since the 1st year of our children's life. We heard one of your songs on KiRaKa at that time and were immediately blown away. Keep up your great work!

Anne Kie.

That's cheerful children's music with clear lyrics. Your music has a different rhythm! Keep it up, I'm looking forward to something new!

Day nursery - Hartberg

Dear Mai, thanks for your great CD. This year again we had a lot of fun shooting a video for you and taking part in your competition. Your songs fit well into the ears and are a lot of fun for the little ones as well as for us! We hope that you will continue to organize such great competitions, in which we can again be fully involved.

Alexandra Dammerer

The songs are rousing, full of funny lyrics and guaranteed to catch your ears! Your children's music is simply charming and the songs never get boring - Keep it up!!!

Sabine Schreiber

This music is great for teaching! Your children's songs are just loving and that is exactly what sets you apart from other children's music.

Stefanie Klumpp

The CD is beautiful and animates not only my children but also me to sing and move.☺️I can't wait until there is a new CDfrom Mai to buy. I have all CD's and I'm thrilled! I have added many songs for my crawling group rituals and the kids love it. :)

Sil Gerster - teacher

Great songs! Super Playbacks! Great mood! We cannot image being without our Cocopelli CDs anymore. (We have ALL the Cocopelli CD's and we don't want to miss a single one!). The current CD "Im Musikzimmer 2" is a lot of fun and should not be missed (especially for older children / school children)!

Stefanie Isler

The CD´s "Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1 und 2" please me and my children very much. The songs are suited for everyone. The song on " Im Musikzimmer Nr.2" -"Guten Morgen" is now heard almost every morning on the way to kindergarten :-)

Sabrina Kaspar

The CD contains beautiful songs , which not only encourage the children to join in. The songs also  animate you to reflect. The children discover themselves and also the everyday life in the songs, such as the little monster. :)

Natalie Madel

Dear Mai Cocopelli, as always a great CD with lots of great songs and lyrics. Our family likes the "Monster in Me" and the "Pirate Song" best. A great children cd that parents also like to listen to!

Karoline Waller

We especially like the caring lyrics, which give you positive feelings and stimulate your desire for life. The CD has a varied design so that you can run it more than once and adults can also enjoy it.

Isabella Pali

The sequence of songs on the CDs is varied - both in rhythm and lyrics. There are harmonious melodies and in-depth lyrics, my children love them! Even as an adult, it is great fun to dance and listen to them! 

Heidi Zechmeister

I was already drawn to the cover. My daughter got a couple of catchy tunes about it. She immediately declared the CD to be her new favourite CD. Besides, we got a new delivery from Mai immediately and without any problems after the post office brought us a broken package. As a customer I felt really royally treated!

Sabine Polzer

The 'Im Musikzimmer' No. 2 is our favourite CD of the three 'Im Musikzimmer' CDs. We have now bought a second one for a friend of ours as a warm-up for a Cocopelli concert. My kids especially love the 'Piratenlied', 'Ja, das klappt and 'Monster in mir'. The songs are catchy and invite them to dance and move around. Especially amazing are the playback melodies at the end of the CD.

Maria Fischer

The CD is made with absolute love and this is what reaches the listener. You are immediately under the fascination and sing along with joy. The songs really come from the heart and touch the hearts as well. They bring fun and also relaxation.  The music is also very high quality and a pleasure for every ear.

Lucia Adl

On the CD "Im Musikzimmer Nr. 2" I like the fact that so many children participate and that so many different instruments can be heard. It makes me really happy to hear the music! My children recognized Georgijs voice of Russkaja immediately and sang along with him...

Sarah Innerlohninger

I especially like the songs that structure the daily school routine. Moving to the music is important to me and I enjoy hearing these songs very much. The playback versions are very helpful. There are also some quiet songs which can be used in class.

Hellena Triebl

Wonderful, this "monster in me". On the CD are excellent songs, which are funny and are sung up and down all day long. In no time I knew the lyrics by heart and they are really fun.

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