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Released 2018 

"Im Musikzimmer Nr.3"  (German Version) 

Playback versions are included.

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01. Der Herbst jagt den Sommer | 02. Sommer, ade! | 03. Glückssterne | 04. Leise fallen alle Blätter | 05. Hey ho, spann den Wagen an | 06. Kleine Laterne | 07. Und der Herbst sagt | 08. Komm, geh mit mir | 09. Sankt Martin | 10. Wie ein Stern | 11. Kannst du mich sehn? | 12. Ich sag Danke |  13. - 24. Playback-Versionen

Christine Schneidinger

The songs are very dynamic and invite you to sing along. They are suitable for many situations in kindergarten, either at parties or in the morning circle. They also enrich the family in many situations and are a great gift for young and old.

Birgit Koch

With a love of musical detail, Mai Cocopelli surfs through the different styles of popular music in a qualitative manner and gives my four-year-old daughter as well as my elementary school children and me just as much pleasure. Music for all age groups, so to speak.

Elisabeth Zauner

We always consider the texts to be perfectly fitting. Vanessa was able to sing along to the songs within a very short time. And she really likes that. Then as soon as she can sing along, she dances to it.

Isabella Pali

The sequence of songs on the CDs is varied - both in rhythm and lyrics. There are harmonious melodies and in-depth lyrics, my children love them! Even as an adult, it is great fun to dance and listen to them! 

Julia Zi

Wonderful songs. The CD was still missing in our collection. We already have all the others. The kids listen to them up and down. The music is just fantastic and great to listen to! 

Maria Fischer

The CD is made with absolute love and this is what reaches the listener. You are immediately under the fascination and sing along with joy. The songs really come from the heart and touch the hearts as well. They bring fun and also relaxation.  The music is also very high quality and a pleasure for every ear.

Melanie Kogler

Wonderful songs that simply captivate every child and every adult! Thank you for your great precious music! Very well prepared for children and many songs we play enthusiastically with the ukulele! 

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