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Released 2010
“Mai Cocopelli & der kleine Yogi” is a wonderful introduction to the world of children's yoga for the whole family. This CD is the favorite of many Cocopelli fans. The Little Yogi invites you to learn yoga in a playful way and with plenty of variety. This has been very successful, so that Mai Cocopelli's yoga music is now part of the training material in many institutions. Children's songs serve as a bridge between children and yoga. This CD contains songs about dealing with feelings, the playful implementation of asanas, and the popular sun salutation.

The posters illustrate all asanas to the songs (optionally available without posters).

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01. Hallo liebe Kinder | 02. Text: Wer bist denn du? | 03. Namasté | 04. Schwapp Schubidu | 05. Schmetterling | 06. Sonnengruß | 07. Geschichte: Der Regenbogenbaum | 08. Mein Freunde der Baum | 09. Löwe, Affe, Tiger | 10. Text: Om | 11. Na komm, sag mal OM | 12. Yogakind | 13. Schaukelstuhl | 14. Ein Hund und eine Katze | 15. Geschichte: Herr Udara | 16. Mondgruß | 17. Ich und Du | 18. Text: Auf Wiedersehen | 19. Instrumental: Sonnengruß | 20. Instrumental: Schaukelstuhl | 21. Meditation: Mein wunderbarer Körper

Martina Prinz-Hamminger | Teacher

Every day the children start their day with the sun salutation.The movements are funny and simple - great introduction to yoga exercises. The songs are generally positive for children - I often let the CD play while having a snack - the children love to sing as well.

Astrid S.

The CD is simply great and has been used thousands of times since its release. First for children's yoga, now for parents' yoga and especially the song "Schaukelstuhl" every time at the end of MamaBabyYoga :-) Your children's songs are very cheerful and can be used in many ways.


MeddyTeddy, my little yogi and your songs enrich my yoga classes with the children a lot. You really do great work! I am happy for you and wish you all the best for your future. Namaste


I bought the CD because we know the "Sun Salutation" from Kangatraining. My daughter loves that song. Meanwhile the CD is running every day and we also listen to the other songs with enthusiasm. You have a pleasant voice, music and lyrics are very easy to remember and sing along. These are real catchy tunes!

Marianne Trinkl

My children love the Little Yogi and know him from kindergarten, where they first met the great music in children's yoga. A very special highlight was the moon greeting, with which the children surprised their parents at the Lantern Festival with lights on their hands. Very atmospheric! The love and enthusiasm behind every work make Mai Cocopelli songs a very special experience.

Christian Trost

The CD and the poster are great! We became aware of your music through a children's yoga course. It is fresher than other children's yoga music. From our side: 5 stars!

Julia Mittenhuber

The CD was a birthday present to a Yoga friend (6 years). On this CD there are just such great songs, which conjure up a sunny mood in the morning and soothe you in the evening. Really beautiful!

Sabine Sonne

Our children love to listen to the songs, they also take part in the exercises or they just dance and sing. In my opinion the CD is suitable for all age groups, children from 4 years up understand the lyrics and what it is about. The  songs are really valuable and sympathetic. 

Stefanie Schaufelberger

The CD is great for younger and older children. On this cheerful CD, everyday topics, including those related to the body, are packed into great pieces of music. It is also pleasant to listen to for adults.

Julia M.

The CD is so great! I use it regularly and with a lot of fun both in kindergarten and at home. The children love it ... ... and me too! I have just ordered more CDs so that our yoga trip can continue!

Theresia Eberl

I like the CD a lot because you can use it in many ways. Children enjoy practicing and singing the sun salutation. They also love the two stories. I can recommend the CD to everyone.

Denise Gruber

CDs and posters are great. We are absolute fans and have already given CDs as presents too. The yoga CDs are very enjoyable also for yoga beginners like us.

Anja Mothes

The album is beautiful, it sets you in a good mood and gives you positive energy. The children and I love it ... especially the sun salutation. Thank you very much for that :-) 

Karin Trittner

I especially liked the musical sun salutation as well as the songs based on Kundalini Yoga. (SAT Nam - Omg Namo - Ra Ma Da SA etc.) For my lessons I found nothing comparable!

R. Willi

My daughter (1) and I love the happy and entertaining music. We especially like the sun salutation, which has found its place in our daily routine every morning. I find the lyrics clear and easy to understand for children. The melodies fit perfectly to the lyrics.

Karin Janak

Very loving, touching songs, which simply bring joy and let the sun into your heart. The songs are great for singing along, relaxing and moving. The lyrics convey great messages, are witty and inspiring! 

Manuela Erlacher

We are all so amazed - even my big children! The 2 little ones often listen to the CDs in a continuous loop, with the little yogi we all enjoy it. The melodies are catchy and as a mother I am especially enthusiastic about the beautiful lyrics. I can highly recommend the two CDs.

Birgit Koch

With a love of musical detail, Mai Cocopelli surfs through the different styles of popular music in a qualitative manner and gives my four-year-old daughter as well as my elementary school children and me just as much pleasure. Music for all age groups, so to speak.

Yvonne Borsdorf

The CD is beautifully designed for children. Because of the great lyrics the child feels immediately more comfortable and relaxed. I also like the poster with the corresponding exercises. Simply great.

Veronika Herrlich

Dear Mai, me and my children love your music, sometimes so much that I get the shivers. You can dance, relax or do yoga with it. Just great and recommendable to everyone. Thanks a lot for that. Your music is a great gift for us!

Melanie Witthuhn

The songs go to the heart and through the whole body. The poster hangs in our children's room and is often used as a template for our expressive dance. 'Brüll Löwe brüll' is such a wonderful way to release anger!

Birte Pikulik

It is the most beautiful children's album with which we could play our creative tonies. It is now called "Yogi-Tonie" accordingly. We especially love your children's sun salutation. Every time this song comes along, little Maileen starts dancing. She loves to include the dog. We have a lot of fun with your great album! Thanks a lot for that!

Doris Floh

The songs are easy to understand and very motivating for children. A lot of content is communicated in a playful way. The mix of songs and a few stories is perfect to dive into the world of children's yoga.

Johanna Mairhofer

The CD "Mai Cocopelli and the little Yogi" is a very beautiful music, which our older daughter likes to listen to in the evening to fall asleep. The accompanying poster invites you to try out one or two exercises yourself during the day - even Mummy likes to join in.

Johanna Winkler-Tuckermann

Both yoga CDs are good fun. For small, but also for big yogis. The mixture of movement and relaxation, but also the reference to Indian philosophy is great. The asanas are easy to follow with the music.
Cocopelli children's songs are sustainable songs for children. They are about courage, love and a friendly, respectful togetherness. Furthermore, the musical accompaniment is very pleasant and versatile.

Jessica Kalweit

We bought the CD "Mai Cocopelli and the little Yogi" and my two girls (2 and 4 years old) are thrilled! The songs "Sonnengruß", "Schmetterling" and "Ein Hund und eine Katze" are running in a continuous loop at our place. Mai Cocopelli is really a very exceptional singer!

Nina Bernsteiner-Licht

Mai combines sophisticated texts and good music with yoga exercises suitable for children. The instructions for various movements can be found in the sung word. It immediately invites you to join in. 
Mai Cocopelli's music also convinces through authenticity, cordiality and good taste.

Melanie Lohr

This CD is really great and is very adored by our son.  Thank you very much for the beautiful songs and the sensitive lyrics. It gives us great pleasure to hear the music, to sing along and dance to it.

Katrin Maderthaner

A really great Cd with great rhythmic children's songs. Even my one year old son is already jumping to the beat. In the KiGa of my big one the songs are also the hit! The music even please us adults. We would love to come to a concert!

Sabine Franke

The CD is magic. My school children and also the little yogis love the music and we sing along quietly. Movement, music and joy and all this at the same time....wonderful! Thank you very much for the music and the inviting "outfit" of the CD!

Christiane Hubmann

Mai Cocopelli's music is refreshing, the children love to move and sing along to your music. The CDs can be used for a wide variety of purposes, whether for a children's yoga class or just for listening and singing along. There are suitable texts for many topics, which enrich the kindergarten everyday life with a lot of musical input.

Verena Stein

The yoga CD is used in our kindergarten for the preschool children in yoga classes. My son loves it. As the kindergarten is currently closed, I ordered the CD for home.  The children are thrilled and so am I! It's fun, encourages laughter and participation.

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