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Wenn es Winter wird” (German version) - This double CD contains beautiful winter and Christmas songs that real fans can even listen to in the summer. The CD includes heart-warming stories about the magic of Christmas and an anxious snowflake who fears being dropped. "Come, let's bake cookies today" should be part of every kitchen when the baking season begins with the little ones.

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Songlist Winter - CD
1. Die drei Spatzen | 2. Flip Flap Zauberei| 3. Der erste Schnee | 4. Wenn es Winter wird | 5. Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen | 6. Schneemannfamily | 7. Geschichte: Spring! | 8. Es schneit | 9. Komm, wir backen heute Kekse | 10. König Nussknacker | 11. Ach, du lieber Nikolaus | 12. Vom Honigkuchenmann | 13. Eine Fichte macht Geschichte

Songlist Christmas - CD
1. Winter, komm und zeige dich | 2. Leise rieselt der Schnee| 3. Es wird scho glei dumpa | 4. Engel | 5. Die Cocopelli Weihnachtsgeschichte | 6. Poch Poch | 7. Die Cocopelli Weihnachtsgeschichte | 8. Fröhliche Weihnacht | 9. Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen | 10. Lasst uns einen Teppich weben | 11. Marys Boychild | 12. Geschichte: König Mehlohr | 13. Unser Licht | 14. Ich bin eine Sonne

Valentina Fidlschuster

Your music is not only for children, I also love to listen to it in the car! Every time it snows I have "Flip Flap Zauberei" in my head. This CD should not be missing at Christmas time! Cocopelli children's songs get under the skin, they are beautiful and timeless. I love your music!

Elisabeth Kuhn - Mum

The voice of Mai is unique and the lyrics are touching. I even listen to the CDs alone without my children! We only have Cocopelli music running in the car and we all have a lot of fun. Awesome, keep it up!

Judith with Lilli and Johannes

We like everything about these CDs! The great songs like "Kekse backen" or "Engel", the stories of snowflakes and much more! These are songs and stories with special messages that touch our hearts! The hearts of the children as well as the hearts of parents! We like to listen to your music and we enjoy coming to your concerts!

Sonja Rumpf

I particularly like the fact that the songs are performed with such wonderful vocal and instrumental accompaniment. It inspires everyone to sing along. I find the variety of songs and stories very beautiful and rich. My nephews were thrilled.

Kangatraining with Patricia

Mai Cocopelli's songs are beautiful not only for children to listen to, but also for the grown-ups. There are a lot of catchy tunes and I always look forward to Christmas when I start listening to the CDs "Wenn es Winter wird" and "Winterzeit tief verschneit" again.  Thank you, Mai!

Familie Viehböck

We literally devoured your CDs around Christmas time. Komm, wir backen heute Kekse" is our absolute favorite song! Your winter-double-album is the most beautiful of all! Many thanks for the guitars you gave to our girls. You can't even imagine what they meant to them!


When the 15-year-old sister bakes gingerbread with the two little brothers and almost desperately asks for the song of the 'Schneemannfamily'! The two CDs simply belong to baking biscuits! They are full of love, touching, thrilling, smart, funny, just great! Thank you for your wonderful music and your wonderful concerts!


This is the most positive wintertime CD I've ever heard. So human, even if biscuits are allowed to burn or one snowflake says to another, it shouldn't be so stupid. Simply heartwarming! The Austrian sound of the language, the open, undogmatic and positive nature, respectful towards the child, sets your music apart from other children's music.

Barbara Gatterbauer, Pädagogin

On these CDs there are some smart winter- and Christmas songs that can also be used in the classroom. Your children's songs are childlike and yet modern, which makes them special.

Natalie Baumann

I can use the music in a variety of ways in the everyday teaching at kindergarten. For me the CD "Wenn es Winter wird" is very appealing and beautifully designed. Also my 8 year old daughter likes the CD's very much and dances to it.

Irem Handt

I adore the product. The cover is beautifully designed and the lyrics are very inspiring and loving. It's just fun to dance with my kids. Made with love. Thanks Mai

Lydia Neuhofer

I consider the music very beautiful and it's high quality. There are quiet to groovy songs and the lyrics are beautiful and meaningful. As an adult I also like to listen to the CD. Mai Cocopelli spreads a good mood.  

Anneliese Flicker

The melodies and lyrics are very catchy and easy to remember. The songs even appeal to the little ones and encourage them to sing and dance along. The most beautiful music to tune in to the Christmas season. I also think it's great that all the lyrics can be found in the CD booklet.

Jaqueline Reithofer-Lax

Dear Mai, my kids and I love your CDs! We already listened to the CD and find the songs great and the lyrics very catchy. We are looking forward to your concert in the Stadtsaal, where you will perform the winter songs!

Jasmin Rakos

Hello! We have unpacked the 'Wenn es Winter wird' CD and are thrilled. Janik is 5 and just loves your music. No matter which song it is, every song is beautiful. Thank you very much!

Katharina Fritzsche

The winter package is a great double CD with wonderful winter and Christmas songs. The songbook encourages you to sing the songs with piano accompany and the winter and Christmas stories prepare us for Christmas in a very magical way. 

Familie Hörwertner

This double CD accompanies us not only through the winter - the great Cocopelli - music is sung and heard all year round. My children also play along on their instruments! The whole family also likes to listen to Mai Cocopelli when driving!

Melissa Felsberger

The music intensifies the anticipation for the snow, for cosiness and the many great things that are only available in wintertime! We especially like the music and it also has a relaxing effect on everyone in the family. The CD is just right for the often unfortunately turbulent pre-Christmas time.

Sandra Reidinger

Our favourite Advent CD. A great mix of contemplative, cheerful and exhilarating songs that accompany us every year through the winter and Advent season. Many catchy tunes for young and old, which you often hum unnoticed. Just like all Cocopelli songs!

Cornelia K.

I love the beautiful melodies from the winter package. There are ideas for arrangements for each song. This also made for a good and fun music lesson in times of Corona. The children love all the songs on this CD. The material of the booklet is very good and of high quality.

Cornelia Havekost

This is modern children's music. The lyrics and music speak to the heart and mind, adults and children, boys and girls alike. I want to try out the songs with the children in class - when we are FINALLY allowed to sing at school again.

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