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"Im Wundergarten", one of Mai Cocopelli's three first works, was created as a welcome gift for her daughter.

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1. Regenbogen | 2. Intro Fallafari | 3. Fallafari | 4. Morgenlied | 5. Starke Tiere | 6. Schlangenkraft | 7. Regentropfen | 8. Pferdestärke | 9. Im Wundergarten Teil 1 | 10. Büffelschutz  | 11. August | 12. Im Wundergarten Teil 2 | 13. Ameisenfleiß | 14. Springginkerl | 15. Stern | 16. Die Sonne | 17. Stern zum Mitsingen 

Sandra Gehendges

This CD is great because the 'Starke Tiere' song comes in so many different versions that every animal is expressed in a special way. But my favourite is the 'Regen' song. So nice and quiet, great to put my daughter to bed. In contrast to that the 'Springinkerl' which is the absolute power song. I love the songs of Mai because they simply ignite joy!