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The song "Eine kleine Kerze" has not yet been recorded on CD, but here you can download the sheet music to your computer as a lead sheet. In the package you will also find the notes of the song "Winterzeit, tief verschneit" and the notes of the snowball battle song "Hui Wui Wumbadui". For these two songs we also provide a playback version where the guitar takes over the melody voice.

Eine kleine Kerze Noten-pdf
Winterzeit, tief verschneit (F-Dur) Noten-pdf
Winterzeit, tief verschneit (G-Dur) Noten-pdf
Winterzeit, tief verschneit (F-Dur) Playback
Hui Wui Wumbadui (F-Dur) Noten-pdf
Hui Wui Wumbadui (G-Dur) Noten-pdf
Hui Wui Wumbadui (F-Dur) Playback

Olivia D.

I listened to this song and I liked it very much. At school I played it to my students and they were very enthusiastic. Every year we organize a Christmas theatre for the parents of the students and we presented this song. It also reached the parents and colleagues very positive.

Ute Fischer-Petersohn

The songs are suitable for children, with a lot of swing and great for everyone to sing and play. The download is easy and very fast. The children enjoy playing the songs, singing and moving.

Andrea Deisenhammer

I especially like the contemplative lyrics of the song "Kleine Kerze". The song is so full of joy and positive thoughts for the Christmas season. It has been a long time since I have found a song that has become so dear to my heart.