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Released 2018 
The package contains the songbook, the CD incl. playbacks and the booklet.
Resonation in the classroom thanks to the new children’s songs for primary school kids.

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Romana Kruisz

With the package "Musikzimmer Nr. 2" I fulfilled one of my daughter's Christmas wishes and made her very happy. Since then the CD almost always runs in the car. The songs have both, catchy lyrics as well as very diverse, exciting melodies. Unlike other children's songs, you can't get enough of them, even after listening repeatedly.

Elisabeth Wilhelm - Teacher

Thank you very much for this lovely children's song package! The tips for voice training and song processing, the echo and clapping games, as well as dances and much more prove: An experienced music teacher is at work and knows exactly which songs the children (and the teachers and parents!) like! Thank you, dear Mai!

Julia Glocker

We've been waiting so long for this monster song! My girls love Mai. We have all CDs and also the songbooks. We are also faithful concert-goers! Your music is very catchy, has great melodies and lyrics! As parents we also enjoy listening to the songs of Mai!

The three Micoogullaris

With the music of Mai Cocopelli there is colour in the air and the day becomes colourful. In the songs  feelings are expressed and presented in an incomparable way. The result is Cocopelli music.

Daniela Zeirzer - Gesangspädagogin

My kids like your music...for me the mixture of children's singing and your voice very appealing. Also the song book with the great annotations I can only warmly recommend... In any case a very successful concept!

Lisa Pfeifer

I like the fact that there is a playback version on the music room CD! The songs are great, but mostly for the elementary school kids, because they are a bit longer and more difficult (than in "Im Musikzimmer Nr.1")! 

Eva Weingartmann

The songbooks have an eye-catching layout. The CD with playback makes it very easy for me to learn the songs. My children are the test listeners at the moment and can't get enough. We just love this music. Thanks!

Sandra Trautner

The songs are totally catchy, as always. The dance description for 'Laterne, Laterne' I particularly like and it's easy for the kids to realize. I am a brass musician and am therefore very happy that they are included on this CD. Wow, as always!

Katharina Böhm

I actually bought the CD for school. But also my 3-year-old daughter already loves it! The music is so well composed and lyricized, that even on the hundredth drive everyone still likes to listen to it!

Brigitte Tykalsky

Not only me, but also my children in class love the songs of Mai Cocopelli. The selection of songs is already very huge, but we hope for many more CDs, because we don't get enough of them.

Petra B.

I like 'Im Musikzimmer' number 2 very much, because like all your other songs it deals with what occupies children and what interests them. There are many happy themes, but also quiet and sad ones. We parents like the songs at least as much as our son! Our all favorite is the pirate song.

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  • EU: 5,90 €
  • Rest of Europe: 6,90 €