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Released 2019

The package contains the songbook, the CD incl. playbacks and the booklet. 

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01. Der Herbst jagt den Sommer | 02. Sommer, ade! | 03. Glückssterne | 04. Leise fallen alle Blätter | 05. Hey ho, spann den Wagen an | 06. Kleine Laterne | 07. Und der Herbst sagt | 08. Komm, geh mit mir | 09. Sankt Martin | 10. Wie ein Stern | 11. Kannst du mich sehn? | 12. Ich sag Danke |  13. - 24. Playback-Versionen

Tanja Königstorfer

Your songs are always very wonderful to listen to. They are a real hit with children as well as adults. Your personal music style is so great.  At kindergarten they also love your songs.

Daniela Bauer

I love your music! Every single song is taken from life and every song can become a real catchy tune! Lyrics are original and easy to understand, melody goes right into your ear, so the songs are easy to learn and sing!

Carina Taferner

I love the variety of autumn and lantern songs. The rhythm and the melody are catchy and the children remember the songs immediately. The lyrics are simple and the children love the songs!

Christine Stubauer

The whole package is simply top class. Especially the lyrics and the melody go straight to the heart. The absolute encore I didn't expect is that all the songs are on the CD twice. Once with text and once instrumental. The children use the notes and play with their instruments.

Bettina Kirschbaum

The music and the music book are really great. My students, my children and also I love the music! Especially the song 'Und der Herbst sagt' (And autumn says it all) fascinated us all!

Karin Auer

The collection of autumn songs and Martinslieder is really fun. They are songs for big and small children. We also sing the songs with our children in the field of curative education and texts can be combined well with gestures.

Dagmar Weber

New songs for the lantern time, beautiful songs about stars, lyrics to philosophize about with the children, great lyrics, super inputs for the elaboration of the songs and further offers.

Sandra Grünauer

Simply great! The songs are very popular amongst my daughters and for me the accompanying booklet is a sensation. The ideas for the development of the songs, the exercises for voice training, the accompanying suggestions,.... are versatile, motivating for the kids and easy to implement for us teachers.

Daniela Pernkopf

Simply rousing music, for big and small! We love the songs of Cocopelli! Guaranteed catchy tunes!!!! A must both in kindergarten and at home with your own children! It's great that there are always new CDs available!

Katrin Derfler

The new CD is simply great and I am happy that my own children in the kindergarten as well as the school children love to listen to and sing it!

Lucia Adl

Since we already knew some songs, I am glad that there is now also a songbook and CD with these songs. I also consider the song to the Glückssternmethode very inspiring. I'm happy that autumn will be enriched with your songs.

Sandra Trautner

The songs are totally catchy, as always. The dance description for 'Laterne, Laterne' is especially great and easy for the children to implement. 'Ich sag Danke' is the final song for our First Communion. I am a brass musician and am therefore very happy that they are on this CD too.

Sonja Bartl

A great mixture of very catchy songs ! And thanks for the accompanying chords to play with the guitar, as well as the additional information for bars. The children really enjoy it and we will certainly use some more songs of the CD. Brilliant!

Tina Pauli

I'm just so amazed of your work. We love listening to your music in kindergarten, for example at a movement construction site in the background. Some of your songs we work on especially for parties or celebrations.  Thank you!

Stefanie Klumpp

Your music catches children and parents at the same time, whether it's for sports, rubbish or dreaming. Like all your music, the CD is super beautiful. You make us so much joy with your music and we are already looking forward to everything else from you!

Isabella Kohlreiter

Visually (songbooks) and acoustically (CD) very appealing - many really useful approaches and inspirations for the realisation with children. The songbook is also suitable for less experienced guitar players, as the fingering patterns are always included.

Kerstin Pippinger

I like that they are lively, happy songs and that I can listen to the songs on CD, that I can also play the songs with my guitar and above all that the children sing along with enthusiasm. They quickly became huge fans.

Sabrina Kletsch

The song selection on this CD is perfect for the autumn including "Martinsfest". My children love the songs and have chosen independently which ones they would like to include in the morning circle ! And with the matching songbook this is no problem.

Barbara Bauer

Many songs are catchy tunes (like "Kleine Laterne") and the children love them. They sing and dance along quickly and are happy every time we listen to the CDs! Sometimes they even invent dances to them themselves. You can feel the joy of music in the songs.

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