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This is the reprinted edition of the sheet music book " Einmal Weltraum und zurück" (Once in Space and Back). It's perfect for teachers working with children ages 6 to 10! Inside: 32 pages

All songs from the CD are included in this edition and are clearly and beautifully notated. In the new version, each song is now accompanied by musical activity tips that can be put into practice. As co-author, the music educator and voice coach Heidemarie Lohnecker has contributed many ideas, so that the booklet has now become a real treasure chest of music educational inspiration. 

The songbook includes a link to download the playback versions of the songs and access to online tutorials. In these, individual songs are taught by Mai Cocopelli herself.

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Einmal Weltraum und zurück | Wir heben ab | Spunkflitzer | In die Galaxie | Ein Raumschiff fliegt | Ich lieb dich! | Was ist das? | Marsmännchengrün | Ich wache auf | Kora Lou | Eintagsfliege | Wir sind hier | Flubbdance | Heut ist dein Tag

Christine Peters

"The songs are easy to play, sound great and the songbook is often used. We adults also like your songs. You have great lyrics and a beautiful voice."

Nicole Heibl-Barcaba

There are a lot of catchy tunes in this songbook again. Most of the songs are also well playable with my self taught ukulele skills. The layout is very appealing. All in all it contains the proven Cocopelli quality.

Astrid Pinsger-Plank

I take my hat off to so much love and devotion, joy and musical art that can be found in every song...pure joy of life and lightness. There is nothing banal, nothing boring, but all the more creativity, enthralling and cheerful.

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