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In her songbook " Mai Cocopelli und die kleinen Yogis” (German version) Mai Cocopelli combines music with movement and immerses herself with her young audience in the world of yoga. She is supported by the Little Yogi, a lovingly drawn yoga figure. He and the two yoginis Emely and Ciara demonstrate all asanas to the songs. In addition to a detailed description of the exercises and numerous play ideas, the children's yoga trainer Leila Kadri Oostendorp gives tips on yoga. As a bonus, you can download all songs in playback versions. (The bonus contains instrumental versions to sing yourself.)

Published 2013 - revised edition 2018 (no spiral binding; with download link to playback versions)

Anja Frenzel

Thank you for this wonderful work, in which I find suggestions to arrange my yoga lessons with children. As a teacher at a school for special needs I could use this book perfectly. The fantastic yoga CDs have motivated my students so much that they have grown beyond themselves. Absolutely recommendable!

Sabine König

Ein Buch mit vielen Ideen zu den Liedern von der CD. Ebenso gibt es die Noten und Gitarrengriffe, so kann man die Lieder nachspielen. Ich verwende aber gerne die CD, sie ist so lustig, leicht und schwungvoll..

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