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The Songbook "Wenn es Winter wird" (When Winter Comes) is available again in a revised edition. This time it includes all songs of the double CD "Wenn es Winter wird" in 36 pages. As a bonus, the songbook contains a download link to the playbacks.
The song and idea booklet is for practical use in primary schools, children's choirs, day care centers and at home. Each song is clearly notated and contains hints and a few stick games for musical work with children.

Revised edition 2018


Die drei Spatzen | Flip Flap Zauberei | Der erste Schnee | Wenn es Winter wird | Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen | Geschichte: Spring! | Schneemannfamily | Es schneit | Komm, wir backen heute Kekse | König Nussknacker | Ach, du lieber Nikolaus| Vom Honigkuchenmann | Geschichte: Der alte Schlitten | Eine Fichte macht Geschichte 

Winter, komm und zeige dich | Leise rieselt der Schnee | Es wird schon glei dumpa | Engel | Poch Poch | Fröhliche Weihnacht | Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen | Lasst uns einen Teppich weben |Mary's Boychild | Unser Licht | Ich bin eine Sonne| Die Cocopelli Weihnachtsgeschichte

Susanne Ditterich

I already have the previous book and because I like all the songs on the CD so much, I have now bought the new "Wenn es Winter wird" to have even more fun with the songs ... because thenyou can play them even by yourself! 

Sabine Benczak

The presentation of the didactic implementation possibilities is extremely attractive and clearly arranged. The personalised wording has a very strong relationship-building effect and tempts the reader to read, let him or her in, and embeds the information in the context. My daughter enjoys this book!

Birgit Baudis - Tagesmutter

Dear Mai! I love your music! My day-kids love the songs and I have already infected them and their parents with my enthusiasm. In addition, my own seven-year-old son performed the "Engellied" as a soloist at our Christmas concert. He has brought home the song "Flip, Flap Zauberei" from school.

Miriam Hofer - Pädagogin

The songs are varied! In the songbook there are very good explanations and helpful suggestions for variations. All summed up it is a really successful book, with which I will certainly have a lot of joy for a long while.

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