Together with Mai in the Cocopelli TV-Studio

Would you like to sing with me in my TV studio and get a video as a memory of your musical childhood?

No problem! I will make it happen. I invite you to my studio with a greenbox at the Attersee one afternoon. There we will practice two songs of your choice, discover the home studio and record your performance in the greenbox on video and audio. After your big performance you can enjoy a tasty muffin and of course we will take our time for a chat.

As a present you will receive a video with your two songs in a nice Cocopelli style. This way you can capture an unforgettable moment of your childhood and enjoy our afternoon at the Cocopelli Studio over and over again. 

So many children would like to sing with me on stage. With a TV studio ticket you can make this experience real for your child. If you are interested, please write a message using the CONTACT FORM  and we will send you an offer.

I am looking forward to you! 

Yours, Mai