Mai Cocopelli mit Gitarre

For me, writing children’s music is a matter of the heart. I have the good fortune that this art form has accompanied me from the cradle. The children’s songs that I write seek to return what has been given to me: love of life, joy in singing, and a heart for children.

Welcome to my world of children’s music.
This year I celebrate my 20th stage anniversary. 
I am happy to meet you in one of my concerts.

Mai Cocopelli

Your children’s singer/songwriter

For all Kindergarten Teachers

Although we realize that German language songs and CDs as well as my activities in schools in Austria might not be at the top of your priority list as an English reader, but you do have the opportunity to learn more about me and my work.
If you only knew how many teachers have asked me to write songs for kindergarten. All the more am I happy to present the kindergarten CD “Im Musikzimmer Nr. 1”. The CD includes the popular cleanup song, simple songs about weather, songs for moving and dancing, and songs for resting.


Concerts in your area


22 Nov 2019 | 16:00

When winter begins
Band concert

Eltern- und Familienzentrum Bunter Kreis

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Stadthalle Enns
Hafner-Straße 2
4470 Enns, Austria
Sold Out
23 Nov 2019 | 15:00

Anniversary tour
Band concert

Familienbund St. Marienkirchen an der Polsenz

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Kirchenplatz 1
4076 St. Marienkirchen a. d. Polsenz, Austria
29 Nov 2019 | 15:00

When winter begins
Duo concert

Kinderfreunde Feldkirchen

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Kultursaal Feldkirchen
Schulstraße 7
4101 Feldkirchen, Austria
Kinderlieder Testimonial

Rolf Zuckowski - famous children’s singer/songwriter

With you, dear Mai, a new dimension in children’s songs begins. How could you stay hidden from us for so long? Seeing you in your element left a lasting impression that will resound for a long time. I hope very much to be able to experience you repeatedly.

Manuela Mayer - rhythmist

Thank you for your open and authentic way of doing the workshop with us and for conveying so much joy of life. In a wonderful way, you manage to rediscover the child in yourself and you feel how important it is to take children seriously and to value them above all.

Dafne Corlu - Yoga teacher

For over a year I have been teaching yoga for children from the age of 5. A friend told me about you, so I ordered your songs. I find your music very beautiful, funny, joyful, spirited and then smooth again, simply colorful and inspiring. Perfect for my child yoga! Thank you Mai for your presence and inspiration.

Erika Jakob - Teacher

The children love your songs - some of them reflect a good mood, others go deep into the heart. And some do both! Thank you for your wonderful music

Your family Viehböck

We remember so many of your great concerts. From a festival to your filling entire concert halls... You've come a long way and we're very happy to have accompanied you along the way! As ever, we will keep checking your website to see what's new. We even saw you on KiKa!

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Gernot Kremser - artistic director, Posthof Linz

First: congratulations! Conjuring two sold-out shows on the Posthof stage takes much, much energy and power. Second: My compliment on how you enthuse, move and lead your audience through such a show.

Nicola Diwold - Teachers' College of the Diocese of Linz

Our teachers love Mai and her music! With her original and heartfelt songs, her creative impulses for musical work with children, and her rousing manner, she is one of the absolute highlights in our continuing education program.

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Sabine Bredenbach - Music teacher

Dear Mai, when I saw you for the first time, I thought some angel had fallen from heaven. I thank God that you are on Earth. Seeing so much authenticity, pleasure, love, joy, creativity and talent all combined is simply heavenly.

Floro - Concert organizer

Dear May, a few days have passed and we really must say THANK YOU again. What happened at ALFA Steyrermühl was really awesome. The heart blood and passion with which you perform is really great. It's really fun for us to organize. I hope we will see and hear each other again soon. Your concert organizers from the Salzkammergut floro

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Eva Wannerer - vocal coach

Dear Mai! There are many singer/songwriters for children, but you are the best! Your songs are pleasure for adult ears as well. Definitely three thumbs up!!!

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Hannah Peterat - Fan

Cocopelli is a hit! All the children participate! If anyone should forget, missed fun and joy they will regret. Cocopelli is a hit. (Written and drawn by a six-year-old.)

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Leo und Verena Fellinger - Kunstbox

If you believe that you know how children participation concerts function because you have attended such a concert, you need to see a concert by Mai Cocopelli. Her compositions are ahead of their time and Mai Cocopelli sings wonderfully. Very, very great performance.

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