We are online!

The children of the school at the Alm were really lucky that Mai Cocopelli as mum decided one day to play Ukulele with the children. After 3 years of companionship it was clear to everyone: This treasure must be shared with the world. So a concept with the tested songs was created, over 200 ukulele videos were produced and edited, a website was created and everything was clearly structured in modules and lessons. Our aim is to bring the ukulele to the schools and we are realizing this with the Cocopelli Club. We want to make it easier for selected schools to enter the ukulele world and accompany these schools in projects. As in Hawaii, where every child learns ukulele at school, we also want to support a musical future for the children.

Now the time has come! The school opens its doors! We invite you to become a Cocopelli Ukulelestar with us. 

You can learn Ukulele with us at home, in your time and in your favourite environment. On rainy days there is no more boredom, because we have the key to more music in our hands. And it's called: Ukulele kinderleicht!

Come on  www.kinderlieder.tv  - test the first lesson and start into a musical future with Mai Cocopelli and the Ukulelekids. 

I am delighted! And you? Click here to get to the online music school 

Buying a ukulele

I have already received many inquiries about which ukulele I recommend. This is my answer for you: 

In general, I recommend a music shop near your home; there you will get the best support. In our Ukulele School we will be playing instruments by MY LEHO in the chord of C. They cost about 60 euros. They have a plastic back and frame, which in fact might be a benefit in children’s hands. The front (sound board) of the ukulele is solid wood and can be selected in various colors. For beginner ukuleles, I find this brand super, because the ukuleles really sound good and stay tuned. The music shop in which we place our trust checks all instruments for proper frets and also ships the ukuleles:

Follow me to the ukuleles! (This is an Austrian Shop!)