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Released 2015
“Sing, kleiner Yogi” (German version)is yoga music for the whole family with Kundalini yoga mantras, mudras and beautiful children's songs to move and relax. This is the secret star on the CD shelf. The second children's yoga album of the children's song maker penetrates even deeper into the world of yoga and offers an appealing mixture of powerful and touching songs.
The posters illustrate all asanas to the songs (optionally available without posters).


01. Sat Nam | 02. Dialog: Sat Nam | 03. Lachender Buddha | 04. Tieryoga| 05. Dialog: Magische Worte | 06. Ong Namo Intro | 07. Ra Ma Da Sa | 08. Bruder Sonne, Schwester Mond | 09.Gopala | 10. Geschichte: Gopala | 11. Wir sind zwei | 12. Ong Namo | 13. Hallo Frau Mond | 14. Mein Atem | 15. Krafttier-Meditation | 16. Ich öffne die Augen | 17. Mutter Erde | 18. Dialog: Auf Wiedersehen | 19. Bei der Smoothie-Kleckerei 

Kinderlieder Testimonial

Yours, Rolf (famous children's songwriter)

Dear Mai, with "Sing, kleiner Yogi" you have created a very sonorous and sensitive CD, plus a professional and aesthetically appealing book. Hopefully, you reach many families and help them to find and keep their center. Heartfelt greetings!

Katharina Franzl - Yoga teacher

Every day we dance, breathe and sing your songs... they love your meditation and the silence that is perceptible is amazing... Thank you, dear Mai, for your wonderful music that makes us vibrate and breathe a sigh of relief.


MeddyTeddy, my little yogi and your songs enrich my yoga classes with kids a lot. You do really great work! I am happy for you and wish you all the best for your future. Namaste

Beate Wurzwallner

The 2nd Yoga CD is a gift to the world! Especially the song No. 5 "Bruder Sonne - Schwester Mond" touches us. With opened arms, the heart energy flows through us and sometimes a tear of emotion rolls gently over our cheeks. Regina and I are very grateful for this experience.

Lucie Mandaus - Children's yoga teacher

I love this CD, almost more than the first Yoga CD, I love singing mantras with the children and making mudras with them. It's your voice and the lightness that sets you apart from other children's songs. But it's not too childish. As a little one, you feel taken seriously! You are great!

Sandra May - Heilpädagogin/ Yogalehrerin

Beautiful texts suitable for children and catchy melodies with suitable movement sequences. Moods and feelings are brought across well. Mai Cocopelli has a great voice that can convey emotions and moods well. The mantras for children also convinced me.

Maud Leusner - Sozialpädagogin

Dear Mai, I regularly use your CD's with the Little Yogi for children's yoga. The song "Yogakind" has been part of our warm-up ritual for a long time.  "Bruder Sonne" is also a bomb. I want even more of the sung Mandras, please! Thank you somuch!

Denise Gruber

CDs and posters are great. We are absolute fans and have already given CDs as a present too. The yoga CDs are very enjoyable also for yoga beginners like us.

Manuela Erlacher

We are all so amazed - even my big children! The 2 little ones often listen to the CD in a continuous loop, with the little yogi we all enjoy it. The melodies are catchy and as a mother I am especially enthusiastic about the beautiful lyrics. I can highly recommend the CD.

Petra Weltler

With the Yogi music we can really relax while breastfeeding and the yoga exercises we do regularly with a yoga memory and your great poster! We are inspired by your music.

Veronika Herrlich

Dear Mai, me and my children love your music, sometimes so much that I get the shivers. You can dance, relax or do yoga with it. Just great and recommendable to everyone. Thanks a lot for that. Your music is a great gift for us!

Bärbel Heine-Bloedt

I especially like the track "Mein Atem" and the following meditation, as well as the track "Ich öffne meine Augen".  These three pieces are now part of my children's yoga classes. I can breathe in and meditate and am thus with the group and can withdraw from the leading role, so I leave this part to you, which supports me a lot.

Johanna Winkler-Tuckermann

Both yoga CDs are good fun. For small, but also for big yogis. The mixture of movement and relaxation, but also the reference to Indian philosophy is great. The asanas are easy to follow with the music.
Cocopelli children's songs are sustainable songs for children. They are about courage, love and a friendly, respectful togetherness. Furthermore, the musical accompaniment is very pleasant and versatile.

Karoline Mariner

There is so much wonderful song material on this CD. I am currently in the midst of setting up my children's yoga classes so that there is room for songs from this beautiful album in every class. Enriches my work a lot!

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